Examples of Grants Awarded

Grants are given to relieve, educate and support people with learning difficulties. Examples of grants given in the past include:

  • Contributions towards holidays with or without the family.
  • Payments for support to enable travel, entertainment, sports participation or social activities.
  • Payments to achieve an individual ambition or pursue a hobby or passion.

Julia Baron, Chair of the Basil Houghton Memorial Trust, says: "We are very keen to hear from anyone for whom a small grant could make a big difference. The application is very straight forward and we know that previous grant recipients have really enjoyed a short break or the opportunity to buy a piece of equipment which brings them pleasure for months and years to come"

One off Exceptional Grant Case Study

2022 Derwen College Bungalow Refurbishment.pdf

Recent Case Studies

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Archived Case Studies

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